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Parents have been worrying about what their kids and teens are posting online. Teachers and other social media experts have warned teens, especially those applying to colleges, to keep their social networking sites clean. Many have even encouraged them to start building their digital resume early by creating blogs and profiles that recruiters will find as they search the Internet for your child's name.

This past week, PEW Internet released their latest study on Teens, Social Media and Privacy. They found that teens are sharing more information about themselves on social media sites than they did in the past. For example, 91% post photos of themselves, up from 79% in 2006. In terms of being proactive, 57% of teens in this study say they have decided not to post something online because they were concerned it would reflect badly on them in the future.

Oversharing can be risky, especially when it comes to your online reputation. However, according this latest study, teens are taking steps to manage their online reputation!

Here are some other findings from the PEW research:

59% have deleted or edited something that they posted in the past

53% have deleted comments from others on their profile or account

45% have removed their name from photos that have been tagged to identify them

31% have deleted or deactivated an entire profile or account

19% have posted updates, comments, photos or videos that they later regretted sharing

Interestingly, when the teens in the PEW Study Focus group were asked about how adults, such as parents, influence their social behavior, the responses were, for the most part, positive. They are keenly aware that a teacher, parent, relative, coach or other adult in their life may be reading their social networking site, so they think twice about what they are posting. This is a good thing!

I mean, I kind of feel like it [adult scrutiny] does teach you to watch what you post at the same time. Obviously, it is a little invading of the privacy, but I feel like it has taught me to watch what I post. What you post does represent you, whether you like it or not, it really does. And if you post something, middle finger up or swearing constantly, they're going to think that's who you are. So I think it has taught me to watch what I post.

Male (age 13): "Yeah. I realize that whatever I post online, I should be comfortable with everyone in the world seeing it."

I would say this is proof that most teens are listening, and parents need to continue talking to their kids about the importance of building a positive online reputation.

Parents need to remember that they need to be the role model to their teens not only in real life, but in their cyber-life, too. Many kids today are friends with their parents on social networking sites such as Facebook. Online behavior can be observed and mimicked, so parents need to think twice about oversharing and their sometimes off-the-cuff comments that their kids are viewing.

As parents, it is important for us to understand and teach our kids that in today's world, if they don't have control of their digital profile, it could literally mean the death of their future. Teens need to control it, they need to own it and they have to take the time to manage it -- start with creating an official blog in their name. Showcase their interests and hobbies, and make it a reflection of who they are. Colleges and potential employers (and even potential dates) like to see that their applicants are enthusiastic about their lives. No ones like a "Debbie Downer." Never post when angry or upset, that is a rule teens should live by, and hopefully, parents do the same. Online reputation management is important for us all now, no matter how young or old we may be.

Online Reputation Management isn't just for businesses; teens are finally learning their cyber-life can determine their future.

College students aren't off the hook just because they are already accepted into their school. The next step is the big one. Take the real resume verses your online resume challenge.

Never stop maintaining your digital footprint. It is simply that important.

Congratulations to all the teenagers that are finally waking up to the reality that the Internet will be dictating the majority of their future life path ... both online and off.

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Roof repairs are greatest left to the experts. If you want to do it oneself bear in mind that it is a risk. You could be growing the hurt relatively than repairing the challenge. If you are operating on a sloped asphalt shingle roofs then you will have to make be aware of the way the layers are put. It is this really facet that really establishes no matter whether your roof will leak or not.

More and far more individuals are seeking to get photo voltaic electric power in the household, so the superior commercial roofing magazines are beginning to show far more info about solar, and more merchants are advertising by means of this sort of journals.

All parts of the home can be remodeled. You can opt to target on the top three rooms that buyers appear at when getting a property: kitchen, toilet and master's bed room. You can also do a next story place addition, deal with the south florida roofers, install new wooden or tile flooring or make another room. You can even inquire to have a basement and garage healthy into your great deal place. As lengthy as you have home reworking contractors to support you, there is absolutely nothing to stress about.

Even though flat roofs have a small slope, drinking water would nonetheless locate methods to pool, and it would commonly just keep there until it evaporates. This can affect the roof this sort of as cracks, leaks, and rusting. If you see challenges this kind of as these, contact a organization that performs roof repair Toronto house owners count on.

The metallic roof process offers you a good light body weight feature. So definitely it eliminates a couple of of the set up challenges. Gentle fat means it will be uncomplicated to deal with the installation method.

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Will you complete a comprehensive inspection and examination of my property advancement wants and offer advice relating to concerns similar to merchandise to be used, any kind of potential areas of considerations, plus a offered timetable associated with finalization? Roofing Lawrenceville Ga

Putting in an eco-friendly roofing is actually to begin with higher priced when compared with adding a normal roof structure, as well as the task is particularly sophisticated if your residence's roof should be altered along with sturdy as a way to set up the green roof on top of it. In addition there are maintenance fees involved that you might not have access to with a conventional top. Lawrenceville Roofing Also, bear in mind that green homes are often colors associated with darkish through the wintertime or even during times involving drought. This implies solutions that your particular place are not eye-catching.

A originate storm has recently occur by your community and you are viewing roofing organization pickup trucks all over the place. Then you definitely notice a lot of others like you acquiring fresh roberts roofing atlanta. Yikes! Should you be anxious and what should you perform? Bed not the culprit anyone spending money on these kinds of brand-new rooftops? Do you have come harm on your roofing, therefore, precisely how bad is it? Exactly what should you try to find? There is certainly 1 very easy sign.

Hail, robust wind, along with other problems can damage shingles. This damage is going to take the sort of small dings and dents within the top of the roofing shingles when it is due to come. Wind flow may fold the particular navigation bars and get them to be break. Other sorts of hazards will leave different indications of shingles damage. Any time asphalt shingles are broken and damaged exceedingly, correctly changed. More often than not, whatever damages a roof covering will perform common injury to numerous shingles. Insurance adjusters and roofers can assist you determine if it's high time for the brand-new roof.

If a house owner works together with a qualified roofer then the top could continue for Fifteen to twenty years. Employing a types of roofing materials that is certainly specialist is the greatest place to start. Check around to find out if virtually any close friends, neighbours, co-workers or perhaps household to find out if there is a recommendation. Looking the telephone book as well as the world wide web can also be good ways to discover a list of roofers. Even the magazine offers advisements pertaining to roofer. Quality effort is part searched for acquire the best to employ any roofer. Receiving the job finished in the sensible serious amounts of for a fair price can be crucial.

Inside the strategy planning stage, you also have to discover what size the outside pub will likely be. Take into account the area that can be found in your residence. Lawrenceville Roofing Specialist Occasionally, you should have a larger pub if you are intending to develop it inside a nook. You are free to benefit from the space and the situation with the tavern if you are intending to possess this specific.

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